Monday, September 26, 2011

"Your bed has ears." (Photo post!)

Krys and I got home from shopping to discover the above:

You have to look closely, but on top of the mound of pink on the bed, there is in fact a pair of ears sticking up. They belong to the Poppycat, who is shown below in her favorite cave, otherwise known as the suitcase I will be returning to my mother in a slightly furrier condition than when I borrowed it:

Not to be outdone, her sister Sesame has decided that my closet makes a good cave. My skirts now have a cat-shaped divot in them.

And finally, Sesame has also claimed Krys's smartphone for her very own, and has, I think, quite a look of irritated feline executive interrupted in the middle of a VERY IMPORTANT MEETING.

Writing is shortly to take place. Now if I could only decide between original or fanfic...


  1. Sesame is soooo adorable!!! My cat Mary does the same thing, she will lay on top of my phone and ipod. Then won't move until I've torn apart my room looking for it!

    I vote for whatever you want to work on... but I'm kind of anxious for more SD and Nearly Killed the Cat.

  2. My fiance asked me last night if a day goes by in which I don't get distracted by photos of kitties online. It's not my fault people keep posting adorable pictures like these.
    I used to find one of my cats in my dresser on occasion. If I left one drawer open, he would take it to mean that my clothes were his own personal cat bed.

  3. hehe they remind me of my draco the otherday i went into the bathroom looking for my brush and he tried to hide behind the towel hanging from the towel rack... his body was hidden fine his tail however...