Monday, September 19, 2011

"You never swear. This must be big."

The title of the post is Krystal speaking, in response to my comment of "Holy s***!" as I checked the TV listings last night. I snatched up the remote and frantically changed the channel to PBS, at which point she said what I said.

Celtic Thunder's "Storm" was being played last night. We got in a bit late to catch the beginning of the first showing, thanks to going out to dinner with my brother who is in college across town, but neither of us found it a hardship to stay up till midnight to catch the second time through.

"Storm" is a bit of a departure for Celtic Thunder. The boys have generally done straight-up concerts, maybe with a theme or story to a couple of songs in a row, but "Storm" is a full-length sung-through theater production. And good heavens, what a production it is.

I won't bore people with a full description of the plot, but it involves several variously-fated love stories, a handsome highwayman, and a colorful caravan of gypsies, and it got all my story juices flowing. The result hit people's inboxes early this morning—Surpassing Danger is finally beginning.

However, "Storm" did also inspire me in its own right. It leaves several questions unanswered at the end, along with a great deal of backstory which is never told. So… how would people like to see, after my current projects are underway, a period piece entitled The Highwayman's Apprentice?

Our "Storm" DVD arrives tomorrow. I can't wait. Now to get a few more calories in me, to fortify me for my evening writing. It is, after all, Monday, and if I can, I'd love to get a chapter of "He Nearly Killed the Cat" out on time…


  1. Wow that's exciting! i loved the surpassing danger chapter so much so that i went to sleep an hour later than i meant to cause i kept thinking about what could come next... you've very much intrested me with the amanda and alex scene at the end of the chapter... have fun watching your storm dvd! can't wait for more of everything!!!!

  2. I only caught half of Storm, but I did wonder at the coincidence between "Stand and Deliver" and your sudden author's note about being inspired to write about highwaymen and gypsies! I didn't think I could love you any more than I do, but keep writing and I will. :)

  3. I'd certainly go for the Highwayman's Apprentice. This week, however, I need to go back and reread the beginning of Be Careful...