Sunday, September 4, 2011

"And now for something completely different…"

Sesame is sitting on my lap!

No, that's not what's different. In fact, that's pretty much the same as every other day since we got the cats. Especially days that I sit in my desk chair. I swear there's a cat magnet in this thing.

No, what's different is my writing project for today. Those of you keeping up with "He Nearly Killed the Cat" may have noticed that our new characters, Lin and Nima, have friends who haven't appeared yet, named Jason and Reyna. I'm about to write the true story of how they met.

Anyone who's been reading my work for more than two years may recall that Jason and Reyna first appeared in 2009's Christmas story, "A Strange Way to Save the World." However, they have recently informed me that this is not really their story, just a silly thing they were doing together for fun.

Thus, it falls to me to correct my mistake and give the world the true history of Jason, Reyna, and the new strange way they saved the world. Not our world, but Jason's native one, and one Reyna stumbled into due to… well, you'll have to read the story and see!

Assuming it passes muster, "Mommy Magic" (a working title, but one I'm fond of, so I think it's probably going to stay) will be published in Horror, Humor, and Heroes Volume 3: New Faces of Science Fiction, available soon on a website near you. Watch this space for details!


  1. if there's going to be a horror and heroes volume 3 where do i find volumes 1&2???!!! i do not believe i have read them!!!

  2. Where can I find "A Strange Way to Save the World"? I tried google, only to find out that it's also the name of a Christian pop song.

  3. Hi ladies!

    Callie: Volumes 1 and 2 of HHH are on, but I was only involved with Volume 2. Volume 1 was by JBern of and he brought some other authors he admires in on Volume 2.

    Rachel: Try searching under that title and/or my name.