Saturday, August 27, 2011

"One tenth in one week. I think I'm onto something."

That is, one tenth of the word count needed for a piece of fiction to be considered a novel, especially in the speculative fiction genres. And that also is, the amount of time I've been seriously working on "He Nearly Killed the Cat."

Despite one or two critical reviews, I do think I'm onto something with this story. I apologize to anyone who doesn't like the puzzling aspects of it, but I felt that too much exposition too soon would be more likely to drive readers away than a few unsolved puzzles.

After all, I have a good track record with clearing up things which originally puzzled readers. See the previous main Dangerverse stories as well as most of the AU's. Exposition, on the other hand, requires a light touch, especially in wholly invented universes where everything has to be explained.

I'm trying to err on the side of "making the story interesting," and maybe I haven't explained enough. Maybe there are too many unsolved puzzles and not enough information to keep people's interest. I never said I was perfect, and I still have plenty to learn. I always will.

Still, the vast majority of reviews have been positive, and the story is far from over. The characters from the original Legendbreakers novels have decided they want to come and play, so I will be introducing them shortly. They were also mentored by Eve and Suzie, and live only one domain over.

For those of you who read my blog, here is a sneak peek at Neenie and Fox's neighbors in Outer Time:

Lin is a magician whose golden hair makes him look young, but whose blue eyes hint that he could be much older than anyone imagines. He was released from magical captivity within a stone pillar by his current girlfriend.

Nima used to work third shift to make enough money to satisfy her taste for Renaissance fairs and archery classes. Now she specializes in long-distance intimidation sniping and double target shooting exhibitions with her best friend.

Reyna was in the wrong place at the wrong time when a dimensional gate broke open. Her parenting, or rather "aunting," skills turned it into the right place, and she made it home with a young man who certainly thought it was the right time for them.

Jason always knew he'd spend his life traveling around and making music. He never dreamed of how far his talents might take him, or that they would turn out to be a gateway to a power he didn't think existed.

Intrigued? I certainly hope so. Watch for these four in upcoming chapters, and for other characters you probably know a lot better! This is, after all, a DV fanfic…

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  1. Hmm, where have I met Lin and Nima before, I wonder? :P Good to see their story doesn't end yet.