Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"I got a feline, whoo-hoo, so tonight's gonna be a good night…"

In case you can't tell, I was happy to see my cats when I got home last night, and the feeling was mutual. Poppy and Sesame were a little suspicious of the smell of my sister's Jinx on me, but they got over it quickly, especially when I emptied my suitcase so they could sit in it.

I'm grateful they weren't more suspicious, because I must also have smelled like a great many strange dogs. My family and I went to the Great Lakes Medieval Faire on Sunday, which is a pets-allowed affair, so that we got to meet lots of very happy dogs who wanted to be everyone's friend. Also two snakes and a ferret, but that's another story.

Despite our visiting the Faire on the one day of the season when it poured, we had a good time. My dad showed off his kilt, my mom bought a pretty leather pouch, my bigger brother fenced and tried the Highland Games, my sister was acclaimed Queen of Love and Beauty at the joust, and my littler brother got to run around in the rain.

On Monday, before I left for home, I got to go to my grandmother's house and help her make her little meatballs which go in Italian wedding soup. My fingers were cracking again (which is another reason that I like my voice-recognition software) so I couldn't roll the meatballs myself, but she and the boys showed me how it should be done.

Rather than spend $50 on a full tank of gas to make the round trip between here and my family's house, I decided to try out the Megabus to get home. I would've taken it both there and back, but Mom decided to deliver me our family's old TV and take me home with her afterwards.

Thus, on Monday, I found myself waiting for the Megabus beside a little girl who was proclaiming to everyone in the vicinity that she was going to be bad all day. Fortunately, she wore out all her badness in the twenty minutes the bus was late, and was good on the entire two-hour ride thereafter.

One bagel, hot tea, and trip to the library later, Krystal pulled up on her way home from work. I loaded my suitcase into the backseat of Dug, her car's affectionate nickname, hopped into the front, and was shortly at home among my rejoicing felines.

The tabby version of said rejoicing felines has just joined me, and I'm surprised her purring isn't overwhelming the microphone. Fluffy, the black longhair I had when I was a kid, was the loudest-purring cat I ever knew, but Sesame comes awfully close.

In any case, this post is getting long and rather rambling, so I will close with one happy thought. I love my family very much, but I don't have to see them again until the middle of October. Now for some serious writing… but what?

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  1. what ever comes to you first... we'll all get to read it eventually!