Thursday, August 11, 2011

"The cats are always crazy. They fit in well here."

Poppy and Sesame have been running around the apartment all day as if they were possessed. They slept in the sun for a while, then washed each other, then wrestled, then washed each other again. For them, this is perfectly normal behavior.

One of the nonhuman races of my largest original world, Trycanta, is essentially cat-based. Their behavior patterns in my head have changed a great deal in the year since Poppy and Sesame came to live with us. However, I don't consider this rewriting but merely seeing more clearly. Let me explain.

Writing, to me, is less a conscious creative process and more as though I can see into the lives and worlds of other people. My first inspiration for the Dangerverse was not like inventing an entirely new story, but like watching a scene from a movie that I had never seen before.

For this reason, I spend a lot of my "writing" time staring into space, playing computer games, petting the cats, washing the dishes, tormenting the cats with the roaring demon from hell which lives in the coat closet (it's even more fun when you close the bedroom doors so they can't hide), etc., etc., etc.…

This looks like goofing off, but in reality I'm just watching my movie. Sometimes, really more like often, I don't see it correctly the first time I watch it, or I misunderstand what I'm seeing and have to watch it again. The scenes are usually out of order, and sometimes the dialogue is unclear, but that just makes it more challenging.

At times like this, I get a better understanding of the Bible passage about seeing "through a glass darkly". It awes me, and at times frightens me, because even the imperfect sight I have now can be overwhelming. What must perfect sight be like?

With that overly brooding thought, I will leave you for now. Note to self: no more tea after eight o'clock at night unless there is a definite writing project in the works. Philosophy and the wee hours of the morning don't mix.


  1. The wee hours are the *best* time for philosophy! Especially when aided with a dram or few. :D

  2. I'm curious to hear more details on what things have changed or been refined, should you feel inclined to share. The lyrror were always an interesting idea to me, perhaps because my favourite animals as a child were (and still are, somewhat) lions.

  3. Oh is this why Dangerous Truths isn't ready yet.