Friday, August 19, 2011

"By the four you take and the two you give…"

Never fails. Open a window and there's a roaring garbage truck directly underneath. Granted, that's six stories down, but it's still noisy. Still, I think I can concentrate long enough to explain my new ideas for the Legendbreakers universe.

I wrote more about Legendbreakers in a note on my Facebook page (search for "Anne B. Walsh, writer" if you want to find me), but basically it's a defense of fan fiction. I'm not saying that fanfic is equal to original writing, but it should be allowed to exist as long as it isn't infringing an author's rights.

The Legendbreakers are a group of characters who have left their original stories and travel through the cosmos of storytelling, fighting against the Reality Cops whose mission is to destroy derivative stories. Some of them come from stories we all know, while others have been obscure up until now.

In any case, my three current titles for Legendbreakers novels are:

1. Bread and Salt
2. Water and Wine
3. Blood and Tears

Bread and salt have many symbolic meanings in traditional stories. They are a hospitality offering, a gift to a new family, or the items a liege lord gives to his newly sworn men. Thus, Bread and Salt will be the stories of the Legendbreakers as they interfere with traditional fairytales.

Water and Wine may be a bit more controversial, as it will involve religious mythologies. However, I will probably be sticking with the ancient myth systems such as Greek and Norse. I'll offend plenty of people in my career as a writer without setting out to do it deliberately.

Finally, Blood and Tears will be stories from the real world, either historical events which could have happened another way or things which didn't quite happen (in our world, anyway) and how the Legendbreakers were involved in either outcome. Reader input on this one is welcome.

I will also be writing a crossover with the Dangerverse, entitled "He Nearly Killed the Cat." Harry Potter fans will recognize this as a snippet of Lily's letter from Deathly Hallows, and Dangerverse fans will know that no cat is ever just a cat in the DV. So what if…

After all, Harry Potter fan fiction is one of the fastest-growing universes there is. Why shouldn't the Legendbreakers go looking for a native-born group to help them out? And if the group is already used to teamwork, so much the better!

There's just one problem.

The Legendbreakers recruit only from worlds that have already been mostly or completely destroyed.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. The Panther Author Goddess of Evil is back!

Oh yes, before I forget. The title of the post, and the titles of the three original novels, refer to the six things a new Legendbreaker must do to break his or her ties with the world where he or she was born. Want more details? Give me some encouragement to write that crossover and you'll have them!

(Yes, I'm shameless. You should have known that a long time ago.)




  2. At this point I just want to sell your books in my store :) Legendbreakers sounds really fun :) And while I'd love DV anything, whatever strikes you first works!

  3. wow wow wow that sounds sooo cool! if you published legendbreakers i would be first in ine at the book store!