Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"So this is what going nowhere feels like."

Never fear, that was sarcasm. I am in fact going somewhere at a truly astonishing rate.

I am pleased to report yet another 10K word milestone, accomplished once again in four days, though Monday was a wash so I suppose I should say three. A Widow in Waiting (alert readers may notice the initial article has changed) has two full chapters finished and a third champing at the bit.

I also have working titles for parts two and three of the Chronicles of Glenscar. Part two, the tempestuous romance of the king of the traveling folk with what he initially thought was a meek little village girl, is entitled Playing with Fire. As you may imagine from the title, he couldn't be more wrong.

Part three, in a nod to the misplaced apostrophe which started this whole crazy thing off, is currently called Shadow's Dancing. It will contain the full story of the travelers' princess and her wooing of a noble-born highwayman, along with the beginning of the story which will be finished in part four.

That final portion will, of course, be called The Highwayman's Apprentice, and the stories of the other three parts will converge in it. Evil will be vanquished, true love will prevail, and a toilet will be disassembled. (You'll just have to be there.)

Although my stomach still occasionally feels "gone" when I think about what I'm doing, I've never written more quickly or, I dare to think, better. Thank you, thank you, thank you all a million times for your words of encouragement. They made all the difference in the world.

As soon as Sesame vacates my lap, I will switch the laundry into the dryer, and then… Chapter 3, in which Eleanor, the titular widow, must cope all at once with her husband's death, her brand-new love, the expectations of society, and her discovery of a power about which she had only dreamed…

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  1. wow!i can't wait till we get to read it!!! write write write!!!!