Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Good grief, when did that happen?!"

It's October 20th. Which has taken me a little by surprise, since I haven't been keeping very close track of the passage of time, at least not outside my story world. When did it get to be what I can only call late October?

I know, I know, right after it was mid-October. And that came after early October! No, I haven't had too much caffeine today. Why do you ask?

But in any case, that's not the only thing which is a little surprising. My reboot of what was originally The Highwayman's Apprentice and has become The Chronicles of Glenscar officially began on October 11th, with the first part, currently in production, entitled (as you know) A Widow in Waiting.

Today, I will pass 40,000 words.

The next two days will not be so good for writing, since I have to take the bigger of my brothers to our parents' house for the weekend, but after that I have two more weeks free until brother, roommate, and self head north to see Jekyll and Hyde at the beginning of November.

Knock on wood, head, and a bunch of other things, but it looks like I might be delivering that original to you in time for Christmas after all. And likely some more Dangerverse as well, once A Widow in Waiting is finished and edited.

Sorry for the scarcity of blog posts lately, but there's something about this world that jumped it over all the other ideas I've had so much longer. I hope that I can convey it to you, so that you feel the same magic reading it that I feel writing it.

If you would like an excerpt, just let me know…

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  1. Anne you really, really scare me! How can you write so much in such a short time? I swear you must be some sort of being from another world!
    Not that I'm complaining of course - I can't wait to be reading one of your books... or Dangerverse for that matter ;)
    Have a nice break to rest your super-human powers of writing and of course I'd love an excerpt - need something good to read other than revision notes and other school things!