Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Ugh. That is all."

The weather can't make up its mind, and neither can I. Half the time, I'm sure this story is just fine and people will love it. The other half, I hate it and wonder what in the world I think I'm doing.

At least I have cute cats on my bed. And almost 110K words written. And two more weeks until my personal goal...

*sigh* I don't know why I'm rambling. Maybe I'm just overtired. Pretty sure I won't sleep if I try, though, so I'll play a game, maybe read a little, and then try and write until I get sleepy.

Sorry for short and lousy post, but honestly, there aren't many people who care. No offense, and lots of thanks, to anyone who actually reads this.


  1. I read whenever you post (Not that THAT sounds creepy or anything haha)!

    I'm sure that I'm going to love whatever you write. I've loved all of the sneak previews you've already posted.
    You've got amazing talent! Don't be down on yourself!

  2. Most people read but don't post if they don't have something constructive to say. Sometimes for those of us who don't actually "know" you in real life, we don't know if we should say a "Chin up we love you and your writing" or you prefer to be quiet and alone when your sad or if you want virtual hugs and chocolate. So pick which you prefer :) They are all true.

  3. Hug, I'm with everyone else here. I read what you post and I love your stories, so keep at it, but maybe you need a small break. You sound a bit burned out.