Tuesday, November 15, 2011

"Two steps forward, one step back."

Writing A Widow in Waiting can occasionally feel like that. I'll think I've finished a chapter, then come back to it an hour or two later and realize the scene I closed with is wrong for the spot in the story where it is. It'll be used, but not where it is.

As you can imagine, this is messing with my NaNo word count like crazy. It doesn't help that I'm being simultaneously inspired for Fifteen and have written a couple ficlets for that, and that I'm also maintaining separate documents on the characters and their powers...

If I were counting all of that, I'd probably be at least a week ahead on NaNo. As it is, I'm a day ahead and about to get farther, as soon as I quit blogging and go actually write. Which is going to be another few minutes, since I'm not done here yet.

At the moment, I'm in the middle of a big confrontation between my heroine and a man who wants to marry her. He thinks he knows something about her that he can use to get her to agree, but he hasn't realized yet that she also knows something about him.

The trouble is, I want the man to appear at least partly sympathetic still (until we get to the end of the book, at which point he is revealed to be one of the series' villains), so he can't be as nasty as I originally wrote him, not quite yet. It's a fun tightrope to walk.

Oh yes, and if I didn't already mention this, I have reached 90,000 words. My original goal, 100K, will be reached by the end of the week, but the story's far from over. At a guess, we're about 3/5 to 2/3 finished... stay tuned for further updates!

Also a quick apology for the rather emo post before this one. I need to vent occasionally but try to keep it to a minimum...

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